Culture and Customs of the Sioux Indians

by Gregory O. Gagnon


Often associated with the battles at Custer's Last Stand and Wounded Knee, and for the famous warriors Sitting Bull and Crazy Horse, the significance of the Sioux in past history is studied in classrooms across the country. The evolution of the Sioux Indian people since the 19th century receives far less attention.

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May 2011


Pages 182
Volumes 1
Size 6 1/8x9 1/4
Topics Geography and World Cultures/Culture

A new addition to the Culture and Customs of Native Peoples in America series, this book examines the traditions and contemporary culture of the Sioux Indians.

The Sioux are a Native American people who live in reservations and communities within Minnesota, Montana, Nebraska, North and South Dakota, and Wisconsin, as well as certain provinces in Canada. According to U.S. Census Report data, over 150,000 individuals identify themselves as Sioux—more than any other tribe besides Cherokee, Navajo, Latin American Indian, and Chocktaw.

Culture and Customs of the Sioux Indians reveals the details of the Sioux' past, such as wars and conflicts, historical tools, technology, and traditional housing. It also provides a comprehensive examination of the Sioux in the modern world, covering topics such as religion, education, social customs, gender roles, rites of passage, lifestyle, cuisine, arts, music, and much more. Readers will discover how the Sioux today merge traditional customs that have survived their tumultuous history with contemporary culture.


  • Presents a chronological history that accurately describes the events that have shaped and influence Sioux society today
  • Provides an annotated bibliography of current print and nonprint sources appropriate for student research


  • Provides an insightful examination of the issues and problems the Sioux currently face, and describes how the tribe is addressing them
  • Comprises narrative chapters of thorough, detailed, and accessible content, providing far more information than a typical entry in a larger encyclopedia
  • Provides high school, undergraduate, and general readers with a detailed introduction to the traditions and contemporary culture of the Sioux Indians
Series Description

Cultures and Customs of the World

The Cultures and Customs of the World series delivers a fresh, modern perspective on individual countries for which detailed information is most in demand in the school curriculum and library. The series features ready-reference volumes that go beyond the travel guide fare by providing a comprehensive overview of the cultural life of countries most studied and in the news. Each volume is written by a country expert especially to meet the needs of students and the general reader. Countries come alive in insightful, accessible chapters that cover crucial topics:
  • The land, people, language, and history
  • Religion and world view
  • Literature and media
  • Arts and architecture/housing
  • Cuisine and traditional dress
  • Gender roles, marriage, and family
  • Social customs, education, and lifestyle
  • Music and dance

Author Info

Gregory Gagnon is associate professor in the Indian Studies Department at the University of North Dakota, Grand Forks, ND. Dr. Gagnon is a citizen of Bad River Reservation and was vice president of Instructional Programs at Oglala Lakota College (Pine Ridge Reservation) for nearly 17 years. He teaches about Sioux history, Chippewa history, Federal Indian law and policy, and North American Indians, and consults regularly with several tribal colleges. His published works include Native Peoples Of The Northern Plains: An Interdisciplinary Introduction To Native American Studies; Pine Ridge Reservation: Yesterday and Today; Fiduciary for Seven Generations: The Tribal College Trustee, An Indian Chapbook;.and articles for journals in the United States and Canada.



"ABC-CLIO's series Culture and Customs of Native Peoples in America publishes this well-balanced history and
overview of Dakota and Lakota Siouans. . . . Recommended."—Choice

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