Daily Life of Women during the Civil Rights Era

by Danelle Moon


In 1955, Rosa Parks's defiance sparked the Montgomery Bus Boycott. In 1961, 50,000 American women went on strike for peace. In 1973, Crystal Lee Sutton campaigned to unionize the textile factory she worked in, creating the climate for unionization a year after she was fired. Throughout the 20th century, American women have been at the forefront of civil rights movements.

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August 2011


Pages 241
Volumes 1
Size 6 1/8x9 1/4
Topics American History/Culture

This book presents an extensive history of women in the civil rights movement that highlights ordinary women's experiences in their local communities and the impacts of their activism upon American women and society.

From the suffrage movement to the antiwar protests during the Vietnam War, women have contributed to the civil rights movement in diverse ways, thereby playing a significant role in advancing social justice and democracy in the United States.

Daily Life of Women during the Civil Rights Era is appropriate for high school students, lower-level undergraduate student researchers, and general readers alike, portraying the civil rights movement in the 20th century through the eyes and experiences of women. Progressive Era reform, suffrage victory, World War I, World War II, the Cold War, feminism, antiwar movements, and identity politics are all covered. The book's seven chapters also explore themes related to citizenship, birth control and reproduction, domestic violence, labor and employment, racism, peace movements, and human rights.


  • Presents a chronology of key events that includes court cases, legislation, social protest events, and movement leaders
  • Includes a number of photographs of social protest events, movement leaders, and politicians
  • Provides a bibliography of relevant scholarship related to social movements, feminism, civil rights movement, ethnicity, class, race, sexual orientation, and studies related to coalition and bridge leadership
  • Contains an index that allows quick access to specific topics covered in the book


  • Covers the range of 20th century women's civil rights activism through a diverse representation of social movements
  • Challenges readers and students to consider the role of the 14th Amendment in changing women's social, economic, and legal status
  • Provides a concise, engaging, and easy-to-read account of ordinary women's experiences working for social justice
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Author Info

Danelle Moon is director of Special Collections & Archives, full librarian, and adjunct professor of history at San José State University, San José, CA. She holds a MLIS from Southern Connecticut State University, New Haven, CT; and an MA in history from California State University, Fullerton. Her areas of expertise include women and politics, social reform during the Progressive Era history, California and the West, and archival management. Her published works include several articles and book chapters on the women and social movements in the 20th century.

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