Combating Transnational Terrorism

Searching for a New Paradigm

by Edited by Steve Tsang

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September 2009


Pages 169
Volumes 1
Size 6 1/8x9 1/4
Topics Security Studies/Terrorism

An insightful collection of essays that explains why the global war on terror framework cannot work and how a new paradigm in countering transnational terrorism can be found.

Are the negative effects of the Bush administration’s “Global War on Terror” framework irrevocable? Is it too late to reorient our policy toward confronting global threats? Answering “no” to both questions, Steven Tsang’s Combating Transnational Terrorism: Searching for a New Paradigm offers an expert critique of Bush’s policy while proposing a new approach to fighting terrorism—one that advocates strengthening ties to traditional allies and countering Al Qaeda’s appeal to people of the Islamic faith.

Combating Transnational Terrorism brings together a panel of well-established experts to assess the overall effectiveness of the “Global War on Terror,” showing just how counterproductive the Bush administration’s approach has been. Throughout, they offer specific changes that together signify a transformative shift in American policy. What they propose is a new framework for combating terrorist threats based on wide-ranging international collaboration and energized efforts to win the hearts and minds of non-extremist Muslims—a framework that coincides in great measure with the approach the Obama administration is taking.


  • Ten chapters analyzing the intents and consequences of important policy guidelines and decisions that make up the “Global War on Terror,” with specific recommendations for changing the Bush approach into to something that actually works
  • Nine expert contributors, all well-established policymakers and scholars in the field of transnational terrorism


  • Balances its criticisms of Bush policies with specific recommendations for crafting a more effective approach to transational terrorism
  • Offers essential reading for policymakers and legislators who are involved in counterterrorism, foreign policy, development aid, defense, and intelligence
  • Assesses the crucial role of the media and the Internet in countering the appeal of anti-American terror groups
  • Establishes a way of assessing the Obama administration’s alternative approach to Bush’s “Global War on Terror”
Author Info

Steve Tsang is professorial fellow and reader in politics at St Antony's College, Oxford University. He is the director of the Pluscarden Programme for the Study of Global Terrorism and Intelligence, and editor of Praeger's Intelligence and Human Rights in the Era of Global Terrorism.



"The high quality and thoughtfulness of the writing makes the volume an essential addition to all college libraries."—Reference & Research Book News

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