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June 2008, 172, 61/8x91/4, eBook/Hardcover
Print: 978-0-313-33751-2
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Politics, Law, and Government/Human Rights and Civil Liberties


Mark Paxton

1 Volume

Ever since the Bill of Rights became the cornerstone on which individual Americans' rights and liberties rest, the practical realities of honoring the grand principles of the First Amendment have been hotly contested, and none more so than freedom of expression. From governmental limits on robust, even vicious, colonial- and Federal-era newspaper attacks to the USA PATRIOT Act to efforts to rein in the vast and anarchic Internet, the First Amendment protection of free expression has been virtually under siege by various forms of censorship, some clearly pernicious and others evidently benign. This book guides the reader through these many-faceted historical controversies, always with an eye toward contemporary and future challenges.


Timeline anchoring the discussion in time and place

Bibliography of print and Internet resources guiding further exloration of the subject

Charts and tables analyzing complex data, including survey results

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