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May 2015, 207pp, 61/8x91/4, eBook/Hardcover
Print: 978-1-4408-3247-5
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Imprint: Praeger
Primary Subject:
Race and Ethnicity/General
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Politics, Law, and Government/Human Rights and Civil Liberties

Voting Rights under Fire

The Continuing Struggle for People of Color

Donathan L. Brown and Michael L. Clemons

1 Volume

Why does race play such a discursive role when it comes to the "right to vote"? Lawmakers are continuing to propose changes to voting rights policies that directly impact African Americans and the emerging Latino electorate. Ranging from issues like voter identification laws, accusations of voter fraud, and voting rights for convicted felons, this single-volume provides an in-depth analysis regarding the various racial dimensions embedded in cases of public policy.

By highlighting the origination and evolution of the Voting Rights Act of 1965, Voting Rights under Fire: The Continuing Struggle for People of Color demonstrates the still-prevalent issues around voting and people of color. This work will provide readers an accessible, interdisciplinary book that interconnects past and present issues involving political debates, public policy, and court decisions pertaining to race and voting rights in America.


Highlights the racial dimensions tied to the historical development of voting rights in the United States

Illustrates how contemporary voting rights developments are connected to the goal of minimizing or suppressing the African American and Latino vote

Presents the way voting rights laws continue to retrogress at the hands of lawmakers

Demonstrates the increasing salience that race plays within public policy, especially pertaining to political power

Donathan L. Brown, PhD, is associate professor and editor of the Journal of Race and Policy in the Department of Communication Studies at Ithaca College. He is the lead author of Praeger's When Race and Policy Collide: Contemporary Immigration Debates .His published works on race and public policy have appeared in numerous outlets, including Harvard Journal of Hispanic Policy, Journal of Latino-Latin American Studies, International Journal of Discrimination and the Law, and Communication Law Review, among others.

Michael L. Clemons, PhD, is associate professor and founding editor of the Journal of Race and Policy in the Department of Political Science and Geography at Old Dominion University, Norfolk, VA. His published works have appeared in numerous media outlets and his edited volume African Americans and Global Affairs: Contemporary Perspectives was recognized by Choice as one of its Outstanding Academic Titles.

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